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Chat Features

Stimulated Messaging

Captivate visitors with live website chat to express them the appropriate information to support your business.

Multilingual & Media Rich

Facilitate consumers to prefer the language, communicate complete messages with pictures and emojis.

Mechanized Chat Appointment

Overcome workload by automating chat distribution and redistribution to your chat support agents.


Expand your trades by utilizing our chatbot, to restrain leads and line-up the meetings with the best unities.

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Team Productivity

Preserved Answers

Manage the time by addressing preserved answers and replies and encourage more customers in a go.

Notes Sticks

Promote your chat operators with private notes, while the operator is on live-chat.

Centralized Dashboard

With the interactive dashboard, you can observe and advise your chats efficiently and effectively.

Chat Tags

Lists out your chats with proper labels to follow them later with relaxation.

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Native Apps

The app is styled to suit iOS and Android platforms flawlessly!

Push Notification

Real-Time push notifications to react to consumer inquiries the most responsive.

Broadcast Messages

Distribute your information to a huge number of people at a single go-to spare time.

Business Hours

Let your visitors understand when your organisation is offline with automated information.


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Frequently Ask Questions

Is my data secure?

Because the Self-Hosted transcription will be arranged up and fixed on customers bases, the data security will be adequately supervised at the customer’s end.

We present a comprehensive hosting of your live support regularity and take responsibility for all technical concerns. When we publish new features, your support system is automatically refreshed and you will get notified. Just sit back and relax.

Absolutely. You will have access to your entire chat history. This feature is added in all plans.

Yes, maintenance is included for the initial 12 months of on-going upgrades with unrestricted email support.

Surely, you can start a trial of our cloud version to learn the functionality implemented by Self-Hosted. If you have other obligations, then Get in Touch with us and we can help you.

True. You can modify your subscription plan whenever you need it, as per your business necessity however it will come with T&C.

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